Altenew Build-A-Flower Camellia and Artist Markers ‘hi’ card

Hi guys!

Today’s card is using the fabulous Build-a-Flower Camellia stamp set and Artist Markers SET A from Altenew. I’ve made quite a few cards with this stamp set already, as I do adore it quite a lot, but I hope you will find that this is a bit different from all the previous ones.


Altenew generously sent me the B and C sets for the blog hop but I bought the A set myself as soon as I was asked because… you know… FFS? Full Set Syndrome? Well, anyway, I have tried several different colour combinations using the markers and inks, to find the one I like the best. I think this one is my current favorite: Flower outline stamped in Paper Bag Dye Ink and Red Cosmos Artist Markers which you can buy separate or as part of SET A.

I coloured the flower in using my favorite technique: flicking. This is when you start at the point where you want the most colour and then simply flick your marker from there outwards or inwards on your image, leaving a slimmer and slimmer colour trail, if that makes sense? I personally find that this is the easiest way to get a very natural look. The great thing about stamping up the outline and colouring that it, is that all the details are easy to find and high-or-low light with your markers. Plus it helps give extra depth to the flower.


In the middle I use the darkest of the red markers as well as the two darkest yellows from SET B using a dotting technique. I go around the area, dotting the markers in a random pattern and overlapping each other.


When I was happy with the colouring, I used the coordinating die that comes as part of the Build-A-Flower Camellia set. I didn’t like all the white bits around the flower so I got the markers out again and filled in and framed the image. Setting this aside once I was happy, it was time to think leaves. Instead of using the ones that comes with the stamp set, I decided to use the big leaf branch from the Beautiful Day stamp set. Grabbing my Forest Glade Dye Ink and Green Fields Artist Markers (which you get if you buy SET A) I tried out a few combinations and ended up liking the ones where I only used the two lightest of the markers. The darkest green was just too green. Using the Coordinating die I cut them out and set them aside along with the flower whilst I started working on the background.

Now, I’m not a huge fan of green on my cards. Don’t get me wrong, I love green outside and in nature but on my cards… nah, not so much. Which is why it might come as a surprise that I decided to put myself through the crafting grinder and make a green background… Why I do these things to myself, I don’t know. Really, no clue.

Anyway, I got some Simon Say Stamp #120 white card stock out, cut it in half and scored it in the middle to make a card base. Directly on this I drew thick lines of the lightest green marker and then over that, using the next marker in the set, I drew a few lines vertically. I went over these lines with the lightest marker again and then got an idea, which in hindsight was not my best one, using some copic blending solution and a natural sponge tried to create some texture. I got the sponge WAY too wet with the blending solution and it went all over my background!! Instead of making cute little speckles, I only managed to create a big green pond… as the card stock is so thick it didn’t soak up the solution right away I got the darkest green marker out and dotted it in the puddles to add some more colour. After I had mopped up the excess solution with some kitchen roll, I added more dots using the two lightest green markers.

I don’t know how long I worked on this background but it wasn’t getting any better, but as it wasn’t getting worse either, I went ahead and used it anyway. I adhered the flower and the leaves with foam tape to create dimension and layers and to keep it relatively simple sentiment wise I just die cut the word ‘hi’ in shiny gold card stock using the  inline alpha die. These got stuck straight onto the card and with that, the card was done!


Thanks for stopping by today! If you fancy a chance to win a $50 or $30 gift voucher to Altenew, you should stop by THIS BLOG POST (capital letters due to excitement, this was the blog post that was part of the new release blog hop showing off the newest Artist Markers!!) leave a comment on that post as well as This one over at Altenew and you are in the mix! Easy peasy, right??

With that, I’m off to enjoy a wild and crazy Friday evening! Luckily I took The Cheeky Chicas out for a long walk earlier so they are sleepy and The Man is watching football so it’s guilt free party time for me! #andbypartyingImeancrafting


Happy crafting from Erica



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