Hi, my name is Erica and this is my little glittery corner of the internet where I will be sharing my crafty creations.

The name of my blog CaCaCraft comes from a mashup of my name, my love of cookies (kaka in my native Swedish but spelling it caca sounds exactly the same) and my love of crafting. I’m well aware of the fact caca means poop in several languages, including French and Spanish, but my nickname Erica-ca-ca has been around for a long time and I’m sticking to it!

Head shot

So, this is me. I like this picture because it was taken on a very happy day, I had just had my adult-braces taken off and I couldn’t stop smiling. I like that there is a happy memory attached to it as well as the fact it documented a half-decent hair day. Those don’t happen so often these days, lol! That’s more directed at the decent-hair-day bit though.

I’m absolutely nuts about crafting, it is by far my biggest hobby. Especially card making however I dabble in a bit of everything, as long as it’s creative and fun, I’m in! Photography is also another big hobby and I will expose you (pun intended!) to lots of photos here, consider this a fair warning 😉

To see more of my work, you can follow me on Instagram (where I also post snippets of my life, day-to-day mischief and my incurable love for coffee, cake and chocolate) Pinterest or Facebook. Since 2019, you can also find me on YouTube! Yes, indeed, so hop on over there and subscribe!