Happy 1-month-blog-iversary to me!

Hey, hey! Yeah, I know, that’s a long word in the title… I do like to make up words when I feel the vocabulary I do possess fails me. Or the words available don’t have enough pizzazz. Anyone else do that? No..? Anyone? *waves hand in the air sheepishly whilst looking around* No one? Just me?

Oh, quick change of subject before I get on with this post! If you are looking for the giveaway winner announcement from the Altenew blog hop CLICK RIGHT HERE

Right-y-o, let’s get on with the card and the rest of the month-i-versary shenanigans!

Ok, don’t roll your eyes but I used the Build-A-Flower Camellia stamp set for this card. Yes, I know, really…  I KNOW!! Again! I really can’t help myself, I LOVE that stamp set. Someone come and take it away from me!! (no, not really, I will fight you if you try it. Fair warning, people ⚠️ )

I thought I’d try a different colour combination for these instead of using pinks or yellows as I usually do. So, see? That qualifies as totally different, right? Well, I’m going with it. This time I used the Warm and Cozy Oval Dye Inks!


I stamped loads as I always do and picked my two favourites out of the whole head. These two I cut out using the coordinating die cut. Leaf-wise I like to mix it up a little so I stamped up the leaf from the Build-A-Flower Ranunculus using the Warm Gray Oval Dye Inks. Once I had a good bunch of them I used the coordinating die to cut them out too.

Then it was time to think background and for some inexplicable reason, given that I’m not a huge fan of green (as established in this post from the other day) I decided on another green background… I’m not sure what’s going on with me recently, it’s like I have this little rebellious crafty elf inside my head that’s messing with my decision process.

Using a new-to-me stamp set, Sweet Friend, I stamped up the word ‘lovely’ from this set over and over again on a card panel. I did this by layering the two lightest greens from Tropical Forest Oval Dye Inks to create an ombré look. Originally I meant to keep the panel an A2/5.5”x4.25” but for another inexplicable reason I trimmed it down a little bit and stuck it on a green card base! I’m on some sort of green-streak. Maybe my subconscious is trying to steer me towards more greens? Presumably in my diet rather than my crafting but it’s cropping up in the crafting. Diet wise I’m still having cookies…


Up until this point each step of this card took some time, but hey, you can’t rush perfection right? *wink wink* Card making to me isn’t about ‘banging them out’ as I don’t have that many to send each month. Besides, I rarely make more than one of the same design. Even when I try making them the same, I still deviate at some point and add something new on one or two. I craft because I enjoy the process, it’s my hobby and I love it! Stamping is fun and relaxing, why would I want to rush that?

Assembling the card took barely any time at all. A bit of foam tape here, a bit of foam tape there, a sentiment on a skinny strip of white card stock and add the leaves and voilá!


Now, don’t worry, I will try my best to use another stamp set for my next blog post featuring Altenew stamps. In fact, I was lucky enough to win a gift voucher during the latest Build-A-Flower stamp release blog hop and I have already ordered the newest one Build-A-Flower Gardenia! I have a strong feeling that one will also feature heavily in the future. Eh, what can I say? Flower stamps hold a special place in my heart.

Right, with that I’m off to celebrate my 1-month-blog-iversary with a cookie or six!

Thanks for stopping by and celebrating with me! For more crafting shenanigans and crafty sneak peeks, follow me on Instagram.


Happy crafting from Erica






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I'm a crafting, coffee, chocolate and cake mad girl. Oh and doggies! Actually most animals.... My main crafting-love is card making, for sure. You can follow me here, on Instagram (@erica_cacacraft)YouTube(CaCaCraft By Erica) or Facebook (CaCaCraft) for more crafty adventures!

10 thoughts on “Happy 1-month-blog-iversary to me!”

    1. Thank you so much, sweet Erum!! And shout all you want, I felt the same way about your card on the Altenew blog today! Stunning!!


    1. Thank you, Barb! I do absolutely love it too, it’s such a stunning set! And I love ‘Blog-A-Versace’, sounds very haute crafty couture 😆👍


  1. I finally found time to come visit your new blog. I love this card, so bold and bright. I love that flower. You inspire me with your rebellious streak! I say keep it up. And can you see my hand raised? I make up words all the time. I call them “Nancy-isms”.


    1. Thank you so much, Nancy! I’m so glad you came by to visit and yes, I can see your hand raised, hi 👋 It’s so fun to meet someone else who makes up words too, and would you believe it but my husband calls mine ‘Erica-isms’ lol!

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