Privacy Policy

This is my privacy policy for CaCaCraft By Erica.

Please read it and if you are not happy with how your data is collected and stored, email me at and I will remove you from my email list. I do hope you will stay though.

In order to be compliant with the new GDPR (The European General Data Protection Regulation) law, I am trying to make things very transparent about what it is I’m doing here and what will happen to your data if you follow my blog (which I hope you will do/continue to do), leave a comment (which I also hope you will do, because they make my day) or share/like a blog post(which would be awesome).

My blog is run on WordPress, and their privacy policy can be found HERE. If you have been on WordPress before, it’s likely you will see/have seen new banners across blogs saying that WordPress use cookies and if you continue using the site, it’s agreed that you consent to them using said cookies. This applies to my little corner of WordPress too.

I personally do not run ads, but WordPress will sometimes run ads on my blog. This may involve some cookies. Unfortunately not the edible kind.

All this talk about data cookies has me craving actual cookies…

Now, what about me and what I do with your data? Well, not a whole lot to be honest. My blog, being a WordPress blog, will need certain information from you, if you leave a comment, such as

-Your name (and title if you add that)

-Your email address (this is not displayed on the blog when you leave a comment however I can see it along with your name and your comment in my statistics section. I only ever use this information to respond to your comment or to reach a winner in a giveaway for instance)

-Your IP address (for those who don’t know what this is, it’s your internet ‘home address’)

If I run a give-away with a physical prize, a stamp set for example, I may need your actual address in order to send the prize it to the winner, which might be you*fingers crossed!* I will only keep your address until you confirm the prize has arrived, then I will delete it, UNLESS we agree to be happy-mail-swappers. In which case, I will write down your address in my actual address book. You know, the “old fashioned” thing made out of paper?

As I also share links to various social media, I’d advice you to read up on each and every privacy policy and make sure you are comfortable with how your data is collected and stored. The social media I use are

Instagram, check out their privacy policy here

Facebook, check out their privacy policy here

Flickr, check out their privacy policy here

I’m also an affiliate to several companies, via ShareASale, (click here for their privacy policy) and I use links in all my blog posts to the product/s I have used to make the project/s. These affiliate links give me an oppertunity to earn a small commision if a reader clicks on it, and then purchase a thing… or five. Using affiliate links doesn’t cost the consumer anything but the webshop they lead to may use cookies too.

These new laws are not aimed at small-time bloggers such as myself, however I think it’s important to be clear about what I do with any data that ends up in my possession via my blog.

I know this stuff if tedious to read but thanks for hanging in there and I hope to see you around soon!

Lots of love from Erica