Flower extravaganza with Altenew Build-A-Flower: Ranunculus stamp


Today I have a rather big blog post to make up for the quiet week I’ve had here at CaCaCraft by Erica. If you are not interested in my jibber-jabbering, scroll on down to the first card picture, the crafty stuff starts around there.

I been really sick for the last couple of weeks now. There is some horrendous cold/flu like/knock you on your butt sickness going around in my neck of the woods, several of my friends have also been affected and been out for the count as long as a month! Even The Man got it and was confined to our bed this last week. This is the man who doesn’t take days off from work due to sickness for all the time I’ve known him, which I took as a sign it might be time to update the will, it really was that bad!

Frustratingly, I didn’t get well miraculously just because he got sick, so we have both been absolutely hanging. My week didn’t just consist of recovering and trying to look after The Man and The Chicas the best I could. Oh no, a run-away doggie resuce took place too! On Wednesday I felt somewhat better and decided to take the Cheeky Chicas out for a decent walk as they had only had short ones for a while. Well, it all went a little bit wrong as Mar-Mar out-stubborned me when it came to which route to take (for such a tiny little thing, she’s surprisingly stubborn!) so we ended up taking a longer walk than I had originally planned. On top of that, when we were at the furthest point away from our house, we also encountered a loose dog with no owner in sight. He took an instant shine to the Chicas and followed us all the way home. No amount of ignoring him did any good. You see, here in Poland it’s quite common to see dogs loose, especially here in the country side where we live. They have homes but are free to go around wherever they want during the day. I’m not used to this and found it very hard to leave him outside our gate, all alone, hoping he’d find his way home again. He refused to leave and was jumping at the gate, trying to open it and worse of all… he was crying for attention. It might not come as a big surprise that I was sitting inside the house crying myself, feeling awful for this poor boy!

As he wouldn’t leave, I bundled up again and set out with him in tow to see if we could find his home and owners. We walked all over the village but has no luck whatsoever so the only thing I could do, was turn back home and come up with a new plan.

Despite the Chicas having major reservation about other dogs, we ended up letting him in the house, fed and watered him, gave him lots of fuss and would you believe it? The Chicas were actually quite ok. Good thing too as I was ready to adopt him on the spot. In good conscience I couldn’t just keep him, obviously, so I put him in the car and went to the vet to scan him for a microchip, which he had but there were no owner details registered on it! The vet said I could either take him home with me or drop him off at a shelter. Erm, shelter?? No, he came home with me. Step 1 towards my plan of adopting him was taken in my mind already. I mean, look at that little face!


As I know how heartbreaking it is when your dog runs away, Gem-Gem once ran away and it was awful, I thought I at least had to try and find the owners and where better to start than close to where I first saw him? It was a bit of a needle in a haystack situation (understatement are still running rampant here) and I’m not going to lie, at this point I was ready to collapse from exhaustion but I thought I at least had to try for like half an hour or so, and take it up again tomorrow if I had no luck today.

The very first house I stop at, and I still can’t quite believe my luck, that’s where this wayward boy lives! No joke, the first house! How is that for lucky coincidence?? The man of the house was just arriving home and I showed him a picture of the dog and asked if he knew him. The man looked at me a bit funny and said, yes he knows this dog. Excitedly I asked if he knew where he lives, to which the man replied ‘He lives here’! Turns out he had no idea the dog was missing as his wife hadn’t called him to let him know, hence the confusion! I’m pretty sure there were words exchanged that night about efficient communication. One thing that made this whole ordeal worthwhile was when the man said his 10-year old son would be very happy to have his dog back, which made me so pleased. It must be said that Step 1 in my plan towards adopting him was quickly taken back!

In the end, a dog was reunited with his young owner and the Chicas had a very positive experience with a dog so all in all, not a bad day for the furry, four-legged individuals in this story. Myself on the other hand, I had walked over 12000 steps in cold weather with a bad cold and I was in bed by 8.40pm/20.40 o’clock that night and slept until 11 the following morning! My cold was thriving again and I felt awful.

The bare minimum has been done around the house for a while now, I really should clean rather than craft to be honest! But crafting doesn’t require as much stamina as cleaning does and crafting is way more fun. You are probably more interested in my crafting than my cleaning schedule anyway so let’s get to it, as I have been babbling on for ages already. If you are still here, give yourself a pat on the back and a cookie!

Right, so I recently added the Cherry Blossom Oval Set ink pads to my growing Altenew ink collection and I also got the Build A Flower: Ranunculus stamp set. They seemed like a match made in heaven so I got those out and started stamping, using my MISTI naturally. It makes mass-producing easy and take out the guess-work when it comes to lining the stamps up every time you stamp. I usually stamp up a scrap image that I use solely for “proof stamping” so to say, to make sure all the other images come out perfect. It’s definitely worth doing, especially when you do one-layer cards and any little mistakes will be glaringly obvious.

I have a habit of stamping up lots of images without having a clue of what to do with them, especially with layered stamps and I did just that with this one and had enough flowers to make three cards. The challenge here is making each card individual and unique whilst using the same colours and image. Well, I accepted the challenge… proposed by myself… erm.. well… because I’m a craft-aholic?

For my first card I stamped directly on a card base, and I used Simon Says Stamp 120# white card stock for this. I love this card stock, it takes the ink beautifully and is so smooth and lovely. I’d use it for everything if I had enough of it but as I have hoarding tendencies I try to make it last. The outline I heatembossed in The Ton stamps Rose Gold Embossing Powder and would you believe it… I managed to mess up the stamping despite using the MISTI, I was so annoyed with myself…


I stamped the sentiment ‘Sending Love & Hugs’ from the Build A Flower: Ranunculus  Set in an ombré way using the inks in the Cherry Blossom Oval Set to keep the colours the same. To keep this card CAS/Clean And Simple, I only added a few sequins from Pretty Pink Posh Sparkling Clear mix using Multi Media Matte.


For card number two I again stamped up the flower, the exact same way as with card number one: I used the inks on the SSS white card stock and heatembossed the outline in rose gold (and got it perfect this time) but for this card I used the coordinating die and cut out the flower.

The card base is the very same SSS white card stock, cut in half and then scored at the half way mark to create an A2 card measuring 5.5”x4.25”. On this, using the die cut flower as a guide, I stamped a few leaves in the lightest pink in the ink bundle. I used only the first layer to keep the design simple but couldn’t resist adding a little bit of interest by using a flowery branch stamp from the set Beautiful Day, which I stamped with VersaMark before heat embossing it with the same Rose Gold embossing powder I used on the flowers.


I used the same sentiment for all three cards and on this one I used the two darkest inks to again create a slight ombré effect. The flower I adhered to the card using foam tape to make it a bit more different from card number one.


Card number three is much more elaborate… The flower is done in exactly the same way as card number two, stamped and die cut. For this one I also stamped up the leaves but instead of using greens, which didn’t really fit my colour scheme, I used Coffee Break Oval Set to get a bit of a gold/vintage look. I did three with the first three colours and another three with the three darkest colours to get some variety.


The sentiment I heat embossed in the same Rose Gold embossing powder I’ve used for the flowers. It’s important to dust your project with an anti-static powder tool before using any type of embossing powder as you don’t want it sticking in places you don’t want it. I like this one.

This flower I also used foam tape to raise up from the card base, but this one is cut out of double sided foam sheet using the die so it fits perfectly under the actual flower. To get the leaves placement right, I again used the flower as a guide before removing the protective layer from the foam tape and pressing down onto the card base. In order to get a bit more ‘life’ into the card I also added small pieces behind some of the leaves to lift them up from the card base.

As this card was meant to be rather elaborate, I added some The Ton Stamps Rose Gold sequins in different sizes, using Multi Medium Matte adhesive.


With that, I am finally done. It’s over, you made it to the end, no matter how far away that goal seemed in the beginning, you made it! LOL! Another cookie might be in order to regain your strengths. Just saying.

Take care and thanks for stopping by today!

Happy crafting from Erica

Copic coloured birthday card with Modern Peonies from WPlus9

Hello and welcome back to CaCaCraft!

Today it’s the one-week-iversary of my little blog and I am popping in with a birthday card, cue celebrations! This week I have been so poorly with a bad cold and just to top off my misery, I also got a painful visit from Mother Nature, because apparently I wasn’t suffering enough…! Oh well, might as well get it all out of the way in one fell swoop, eh?

I’m feeling a bit better today, luckily for me as now The Man has taken a turn for the worse and it’s time to swap roles. He’s been my nursemaid this week and taken very good care of me and The Cheeky Chicas despite being tired from being at work all day. Sure sign it’s true love when he loves you even when you are an absolute raggedy mess… who whines like a two-year old having a tantrum… I must admit I am perhaps not the easiest person to be around when I’m sick and in pain *cough, cough* (understatements galore!)

Right, anyway, so whilst The Man is off for a nap, dosed up with medicine, water and some muffins, I slunk off to the craft room. I decided to finish a card I have been working on for, gosh, coming on to three weeks now? I started it on Oct 12th and back then I was suffering from lack of mojo and thought I’d just colour without anything really in mind. Flower stamps usually get me out of a crafty funk quickly and peonies are one of my favorite flowers so getting the WPlus9 Modern Peonies  stamp set seemed like a good first step.

I cut a stitched rectangle panel out of Copic friendly card stock, I used the largest one from Lawn Fawn small Stitched Rectangle stackable set. This one and the Large set are on my ‘must have list’. I use them all the time.

When it came to the stamping, I placed the panel in my MINI MISTI (also an absolute must have!) and placed the largest peony just off the panel in the top left corner. I use Memento Tuxedo Black ink when I colour with Copics. You can also see my selection of colours for the flower in the picture, for those who are curious. I also added the stem and coloured that in with some green markers (scroll down to the third photo to see which ones I used)


Four days later I added another flower. Yep, just the one. I thought I might do some masking at this point and stamped up a few flowers on masking film and cut them out. For whatever reason, I didn’t end up using them so they went in the stamp storage pocket for use in the future.


Before I added anything else to the card, nine days had passed! I made lots of other things during these nine days though, my mojo had returned and I was making the most of it. It seems it was this card that had me slightly stumped. Another large peony and lots of leaves got coloured as well as fussy cut. I do have the coordinating dies  but used my scissors to avoid getting that white border around the images. At this point, I just couldn’t decide if I needed more flowers and/or leaves and instead of forcing a decision, I left off here and set it aside for another day.


So, this is where I picked up from today. I do find that sometimes I need a break from a project if I get stuck and come back to it with fresh eyes at a later date. That was just the thing with this card! I decided that it didn’t need any more flowers or leaves, it was pretty nice as it was. I did add some “shadowing” around the flowers with my C Copic markers, just to dull the bright whiteness of the card stock a little bit. This part didn’t need to be overly perfect so I spent just a couple of minutes to line out the shadow and then by using lighter and lighter markers worked my way out until I felt it was enough.

The placement of the flowers was easy enough, the big one had to go in the middle where the stem ended and the leaves were placed in a frame around it. By placing another piece of paper over the whole shebang, to keep everything in place, and turning it over, it was a simple case of adding some foam tape cut to size to keep them together and to add some dimension at the same time.


To put the card together, I got some Simon Say Stamp Slate Gray card stock out, cut it in half and scored in the middle using my scoreboard. In an attempt to bring together some of the colour I also added another layer to the card, a scalloped frame in plaid paper, it’s just big enough to peek out behind the flower panel. The scalloped frame is Mama Elephant and the plaid paper is from Lawn Fawn.

Now it was time for finishing touches and sentiment! On a 1 inch wide strip of vellum, which I dusted with my anti-static tool beforehand, I stamped and heat embossed the words ‘Sending happy birthday wishes’ from the WPlus9 Modern Peonies set. The embossing powder I used is my current favorite: The Ton Rose Gold Embossing Powder.


The vellum strip I wrapped around the flower panel and adhered directly to the foam tape I had already added on the back of it. This was then adhered to the plaid paper panel and then the whole thing went on the card base.

I almost left it like this but couldn’t resist seeing how it would look with a few Pretty Pink Posh Sparkling Clear Sequins. Of course I ended up loving this so much I had to add them. Is there such a thing as ‘sequin fever’ because I think I might have it.



You might have noticed my new snazzy watermark on the pictures here? My dear friend Sandy Boone of Three Room Studio is the clever cat behind it! She also made me a banner for the blog but I haven’t added that yet, but watch this space. Now, Sandy also has her own range of stamps which you can find on Etsy or Right here! She also has her own blog Three Room Studio Blog  and if you are on Instagram you should definitely follow her account which you can find here.


Here is the final card. Now, this might have taken me quite some time to make but it doesn’t matter, I enjoyed making it and that’s what matters. This is my hobby, it’s supposed to be fun and if something takes hours, days, weeks or even months to finish doesn’t matter in the slightest as long as the process is enjoyable, right? And with those wise words, this craft nerd is now off to be a nurse maid and check in on The Man.

Happy crafting and see you next time!




The Ton challenge blog card Oct-17


Yep, I’m back already with my first actual crafting blog post even though my blog isn’t even 24hrs old yet. If you were to look up excited in the dictionary right now, I would not be surprised if there was a picture of me there! Very excited indeed!

I am a big fan of The Ton stamps and have been since from the beginning, so it feels very right that my first blog post on my very own blog (I might repeat that a few times, it sounds so great!) is a card made with stamps from them. A few days ago I received a rather large order I had placed and I was absolutely giddy with excitement! There isn’t quite anything like opening a package full of happy mail *cue craft nerd squeak* If you don’t believe me, I have video proof right here. Consider yourself warned though, there is a lot of shrieking and squeaking.

The current challenge over at The Ton Challenge Blog has a gorgeous mood board and using that for inspiration, I started picking out Distress Oxide inks to do some ink blending with.


4661DEEB-1286-41EE-B289-642D14D92D7BNow, this is a heavily coffee inspired mood board so you’d think it’s right up my alley considering what a coffee addict/snob I am. Funnily enough, I just saw the soft colours like yellows and pinks… nuts, isn’t it? Well, the month isn’t over, I might actually make another card using this mood board.

The stamp set I decided to go with for this post is called Brushed Hello and is a big, bold scripty ‘hello’ and some great sentiment builders which makes this a very versatile stamp set. Using my MISTI I placed the stamps so it wrote ‘It’s been a while, hello friend’ and on Strathmore Bristol Vellum water colour card stock I stamped it in VersaMark ink. Then I drizzled a very generous helping of Rose Gold Embossing Powder over it and shook off the excess. Before I had done any stamping I used my anti-static tool all over my panel to avoid any stray bits of embossing powder sticking to it. A quick melting job with my heat-gun later and it was time to decide what colours to use.

Ink wise I used Antique Linen, Fossilized Amber, Spiced Marmalade, Worn Lipstick and Picked Raspberry. I blended these in an ombré way over the panel and then splattered a generous amount of water all over it. Dabbing a paper towel on it I made sure it was all picked up before all the colours were bleached off. I simply love this look with the random droplets on the panel and I do this pretty much every time I do ink blending. I also trimmed off a bit of the panel so it’s now 4” wide. It was 5.5”x4.25” to begin with.

For my card base I used my favorite soft gray card stock from Simon Says Stamp called Fog, it’s a lovely shade of gray and I probably use it too much. Especially for project where I feel bright white is too harsh. I have a load of pre-cut and pre-folded card bases ready to be used as I have a terrible habit of making the card panel but not putting it on a card base if I don’t have one pre-prepared. It sounds silly but it’s one of those things I really don’t like doing… cutting and scoring, cutting and scoring… meh, it’s boring. #firstworldproblems or what??


To add a little bit of height and some dimension to the card, I adhered the panel to the card base using 1.4mm thick foam sheet that I had cut to size.

Now, no card is complete without a few sequins, right? As the sentiment is bold I thought a few clear sequins would be just the thing. Now, I say ‘a few’ but this is my idea of a few. Other’s may have a different opinion on what qualifies as ‘a few’. Seven might, in all honesty, be more than a few… so sue me, I love sequins, lol!


Using my pointy tweezers and some Glossy Accents I got to work adhering my few *cough cough* sequins. As a one last touch, I also drew a curved line with a white gel pen under the word ‘friend’ as it was kind of fading away with it being rose gold embossing powder and having pink inks all around it. With that, the card was done and I have my very first blog post done for my very own blog! I know, I know.. I’m repeating myself over and over! I’m sure the excitement will fade a little… soon.. ish… with time… eh, give me a few months, would ya?? 😉


Happy crafting and thank you so much for stopping by, you have no idea how much it means to me! Mwah!