Pity party for one, please

Hi *waves weakly and slightly dramatically* 

I’m having a pity party for one over here, being all woman-down with terrible period pains. Not everyone is ok with talking about periods and woman stuff so I totally get it if you are running for the hills right now. Well, I am ok talking about mine and I’m not ashamed of it. If I had my way, I wouldn’t have a period at all so I won’t be silenced about having to suffer something I have no control over. It really isn’t a walk in the park being female some days, am I right or am I right?? *I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR* Or right now it’s more like mewling like an irate kitten if I am being honest. Well, ok, that escalated quickly, let’s move on to the card, shall we? 

Back when I first started playing with alcohol inks I didn’t have that many colours, it was mostly red and pinks, as well as gold and silver mixatives. One of my first pieces ended up looking like someone had slaughtered a bottle of red ink, rather than artistically add drops of it to the paper. Have a look at the video HERE.

Untitled_Artwork 57

I jokingly said it at one point looked like it would only be useable as a ‘Sorry you have your period’ sympathy card, due to it being SO red, and after thinking about it for a while, I decided to make one! To spell out the ‘sorry’ part, I used Altenew’s Bold Alphabet dies and cut them out of the alcohol ink panel. I also cut out foam sheet letters to back them, in order to raise them up from the background.

Untitled_Artwork 56

The card itself is quite big, it’s 5.1″x7.1″, so I could use whole panel and also make sure the ‘Sorry’ bit fit comfortably (Because comfort is important during your period!) Once the background was adhered to it, I puzzled the letters and foam sheet pieces together and added some black rhinestones to them. Just because having your period is blah doesn’t mean a Period Sympathy card has to be bland, right? 

Untitled_Artwork 60

On a piece of white card stock I spelled out ‘you have your period’ using the Thick and Thin Alphabet stamps. For the ‘you have your’ bit I used the thin letters and stamped them in Silver Stone ink twice, this one comes both in a 4 Oval ink bundle as well as a mini ink cube set. For the ‘period’ bit I used the thick letters and stamped them in Ruby Red ink. You can get that one in a 4 Oval inks bundle or as a mini cube too

Untitled_Artwork 59

Using a scalpel I cut the piece down and added it to the card with foam tape. A few black rhinestones ended up on this part too. With that the card is done! Now all it needs is a very sympathetic message inside it, get wrapped up with some chocolate and posted off/given away in person. It needs to be said that this isn’t the kind of everyday card and you might need to make sure the recipient is open to this kind of humour during her period. I can go from blob on the sofa to “the Kraken has been released”-mode in a matter of a split second during mine so you know.. thread carefully. Maybe just leave it on her doorstep or in the mail box and run for your life? 

Untitled_Artwork 61

Oh, if she’s into craft stuff, have her check out the new Altenew release!! OMG, it’s another stunner! I want so many things from it, and in the number one spot I think is the  Mega Succulent stamp! Or the Sweet Rose Bouquet stamp, now that is a stunner. If I had to pick just one item though, it would be the March 2018 Stamp & die bundle. Now I know what you are thinking ‘that’s not ONE item, it’s all of them’ BUT here is my reasoning (and don’t argue with a woman in the midst of a PMS temper tantrum) it is ONE BUNDLE, hence ONE ITEM. See? That works, right? Well, that’s my stance on the discussion and I’m sticking to it. 

I have used compensated affiliate links for all the products mentioned in the post, which means that I will get a small commission directly from Altenew, as no extra cost to you if you choose to buy a thing or two. (My ‘one item’ argument doesn’t seem so silly now, does it?? LOL!) Thank you in advance if you choose to support me and my little blog this way. I really appreciate it! 

Untitled_Artwork 58

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Right, I’m off to be super busy vegging on the sofa with my, hopefully ready-for-a-rest-day chicas and a chick flick. With some chocolate of course. And my heat pad… Oh, and coffee. Maybe some popcorn. Anyone else turn into an eating machine during their period? Wanna set up a support group? 

Happy weekend and crafting from a very mopey Erica 



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I'm a crafting, coffee, chocolate and cake mad girl. Oh and doggies! Actually most animals.... My main crafting-love is card making, for sure. You can follow me here, on Instagram (@erica_cacacraft)YouTube(CaCaCraft By Erica) or Facebook (CaCaCraft) for more crafty adventures!

2 thoughts on “Pity party for one, please”

  1. Looooove your card! It is such a great idea! And this post made me laugh so hard! I remember my periods were terrible. Now I’m taking a progestogen-only pill and I don’t have a period, so I’m a happy girl 🙂


    1. I’m so glad I made you laugh! That’s what I was hoping for with this card and post so yay!
      I may need to look into that progestogen only pill if it means no periods! I haven’t taken any hormones for over 5 years now but man, if it gets rid of these pesky periods, I am definitely open to it!


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