First blog post and welcome to CaCaCrafts blog

Hi, hi, hello!

Welcome to my brand new blog!!

In fact, it’s so new that I haven’t even gotten any photos uploaded yet apart from a little picture of me to put a face to my name. I couldn’t wait to get it started so I simply dove in the deep end! I’m sure the learning curve will be steep and things will change a fair  few times before I’m happy with the whole set up but it was time to stop thinking about it and, like the good people over at Nike says, just do it.

It is something I have been thinking about doing for quite some time actually, about two years if we are being honest, and today the day finally arrived. I’m here and ready to blog my crafty little heart out.

If this is your first time “meeting” me; hi, I’m Erica and I’m a complete and utter craft nerd. Self-confessed craft-oholic. Obsessed with creating. Give me paper, stamps and pens over a party any day. Unless it’s a crafting party. You get the picture.

I use several different mediums, Copic markers, Zig Clean Color markers, coloured pencils, water colours, inks… you name it, I probably love it. Stamping and colouring are basically the keys to keeping me sane. If I didn’t have a creative outlet, I’m quite sure I’d be a basket case.

I have a sweet, generous husband whom I tend to refer to as The Man and two gorgeous little rescue dogs from Spain called Mar-Mar and Gem-Gem. They go under the nickname The Cheeky Chicas. We are big on nicknames in this house. I will save some of my ego by not mention what The Man calls me, he’s rather mischievous, that rascal!

Well, that’s a little bit about me but I will add more as I go along. I merely wanted to introduce myself and say hi!

I hope to see you soon again!


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I'm a crafting, coffee, chocolate and cake mad girl. Oh and doggies! Actually most animals.... My main crafting-love is card making, for sure. You can follow me here, on Instagram (@erica_cacacraft)YouTube(CaCaCraft By Erica) or Facebook (CaCaCraft) for more crafty adventures!

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